A veterinary hospital created to offer pet owners and professionals the best technological, logistical, professional and training support in Taranto and Puglia.


A structure of excellence, technologically advanced in diagnostic instruments, which makes use of the collaboration of professionals who share the same philosophy: the belief that respect for animal life is an absolute ethical value.


The Croce Azzurra Veterinary Hospital has been open since January 2000.

The project stems from the desire to provide a veterinary service as complete as possible by concentrating, in a single health facility, the offer of diversified services for the ever-increasing needs of our patients.


The main purpose of the project is to offer a highly qualified veterinary first aid service with surgical, anesthetic, cardiological and ultrasound availability 24 hours a day that can be used both by patients already belonging to our structure and by those of reference.

In order to offer an excellent service, the staff involved in first aid and intensive care activities work in parallel but independently of the daytime hospital activity, which normally takes place by appointment.


Our professional experience is placed at the service of patients and their owners to offer a competent response to requests for medical assistance and prevention.


We invest heavily in the training of veterinarians and in continuous updating both from the point of view of specialist skills and as regards medical machinery and instruments, in order to offer more opportunities to our patients and give our collaborators the opportunity to grow.